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Skid- mounted CNG Refueling Station

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Skid- mounted CNG Refueling Station  Skid- mounted CNG Refueling Station  Skid- mounted CNG Refueling Station

Taken from the city gas pipe network, natural gas is pressurized in the station and then fill in CNG vehicle. Traditional standards CNG station contains pressure regulator, dehydrator, compressor, sequence control panel, gas storage bottle group and other process units, which can be integrated to a moving skid-mounted cabinet, adding that lighting, gas leak detection and electrical instrument control system are integrated in the box, therefore, it forms full function, highly integrated CNG standard gas filling station.


1. Automatic pressurization, automatic drying, CNG buffer function, one button operation, safe and reliable, high degree of automation.

2. Advanced structural design, small vibration, low noise.

3. Equipment before going out factory overall debugging, easy installation (if equipment inlet connect with urban pipe network, and outlet connect with gas sale machine, vehicle gas filling can achieve ), the total project duration greatly shortened;

4. Highly integrated box, small floor space.

5. Suitable for city gas operators (operating gas station) bus companies, enterprises and institutions (internal filling station) and jointly built refueling station (oil and gas mixing station).

Ⅱ.Technological process:

Outside natural gas through the filter, pressure regulating, metered enter into a gas dryer. After dried, dry gas enter into natural gas compressor level 1st for cylinder compression, cooled and separated. After multistage compression, cooling, separating, pressure’s up to 25 MPa. Through the order control panel, the treated gas directly enter into the CNG buffer cylinder, and then connect the filling machine.

Natural gas drier has twin towers, one in charge of operation, the other one regeneration or inactive. Cycle time is 10 hours including regeneration and cooling. Zero discharge of circulating dryer using isobaric regeneration process, safety and environmental protection.

Ⅲ.The skid mounted CNG gas filling station is divided into standard type and double compressor type according to gas filling volume.

1.skid mounted standard CNG gas filling station

Device configuration table
Inlet pressure MPa 0.1~4
Output Nm3/h 600~1600
Motor power KW 130~200
Drying method Pre-set
Gas storage capacity
Appearance dimension mm 8500×2600×3000 

2.skid mounted double compressor CNG gas filling station

A skid mounted station install 2 CNG compressors, 1 sets of drying system. These 2 compressors can be run at the same time, and can also be used in a preparation, greatly increase the reliability of equipment and filling capacity

Device configuration table

Inlet pressure MPa 0.1-4
Output Nm3/h 1600-3200
Motor power KW 320-400
Drying method front set
Gas storage capacity m3 3.68
Appearance dimension mm 8500*2600*3000


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