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Product quality assurance undertaking

1. Technical specs and relevant product standards:

1) TSG R0004-2009 Stationary Pressure Vessels Safety Supervision Procedures

2) GB 150-2011 Pressure Vessels

3) GB 151-2014 Heat Exchanger

4) JB/T 4755-2006 Pressure Vessels of Copper/Nickel

5) NB/T 47011-2010 Pressure Vessels of Zirconium

6) JB/T 4748-2002 Welding Vessels of Titanium

7) JB/T 4734-2002 Welding Vessels of Alunimium

8) GB 713-2014 Steel Plates for Making Boiler and Pressure Vessels

9) GB/T 8163-2008 Seamless Steel Tube for Fluid Transmission

10) HG/T 20592-2009 Steel Pipe Flange

2. All products are produced by our own factory except those sourced from outside.

3. Three-Guarantee Service for Products:

When the equipment has been put into normal use, if there is any quality issue under warranty, we are responsible for repairing and exchanging parts; if the product quality results in accidents and it is inspected and confirmed by statutory inspection organizations, we are fully responsible (for repairing, exchanging and returning).

4. Handling Quality Issues: timely, accurate, quick, satisfying customers.

5. Others: subject to negotiation with users.

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