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Shandong Yihua Energy Equipment Co ,Ltd . established in 2008 , is a high - tech enterprise specialized in R&D , manufacture , distribution and installation of gas equipments , pressure vessels and valves .We arespecialized inoffering plans of high - end advanced centralized gas supply system and designing , debugging supporting system as well as providing hosting services.

Our companyhas right to access market in several gas companies , such as CNPC kunlun Gas , ENN Gas ( China ) Investment Limited , PetroChina Qinghai Oilfield , CHONGQING GAS , China City Natural Gas Investment Group , zhejiang Energy . The products of our company has been sold to more than 30 provinces ,municipalities and autonomous regions , and widely used in some important fields , including petroleum , petrochemical industry , oil , gas , gas pipeline , urban gas , single point gas supply , chemical industry , electricity , heating power ,metallurgy , defense - related science and technology , mining , food , water supply and urban construction.




Product quality assurance undertaking
1. Technical specs and relevant product standards
1) TSG R0004-2009 Stationary Pressure Vessels Safety Supervision Procedures
2) GB 150-2011 Pressure Vessels
3) GB 151-2014 Heat Exchanger
4) JB/T 4755-2006 Pressure Vessels of Copper/Nickel
5) NB/T 47011-2010 Pressure Vessels of Zirconium
6) JB/T 4748-2002 Welding Vessels of Titanium


1. Sales Engineer: 3
Majored in marketing or relevant fields; with good professional qualification and personal image; monthly salary 2000/2500 yuan+commission.
2. Welding Worker: 2
Graduated from special secondary schools or higher degrees, with welder cert (or intend to obtain the cert after getting the job); aluminum welding and TIG can pass the flaw detection; preferred age 20-45; capable of all welding equipment and welding materials and the welding needs to meet relevant requirements; monthly salary 2300-5500 yuan.
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